AKAI 910 Conversion

Akai 910 conversion

A vintage AKAI tape recorder that was beyond repair was restored to use as a low power single ended tube amp with tasty old school distortion, perfect for a bit of Memphis/ Chicago 50s blues.

Here are the BEFORE and AFTER shots... 



The tape mechanism was removed, and replaced with a baffle holding a 10" Ceramic 1960s UTAH speaker

The original transformers, circuit tag board and sockets were retained. The new circuit uses an EL84 output tube, and two slightly different preamp channels, each using a 6AU6 pentode. These are connected internally, somewhat in the manner of a 5E3 tweed Deluxe, so the two volume controls can be used to blend the tones. It doesn't do 'clean' very well, but it does do 'nasty'. Below you'll find the schematic, photos, and a brief YouTube demo.







And here's the link to a quick guitar demo....