A long-running passion for Australian valve radios has had to be sidelined, as my workshop

is taken over by valve guitar/harp amplifiers. These all went up for sale in winter 2018.

Clockwise from Top Left - AWA 429MA N, Tasma 1001 Y, Music Masters Mendelssohn A526 Y, Kriesler 11-29 Y, AWA 516MY Y, Healing Golden Voice N.

Clockwise from Top Left - Astor Mickey KM (cream) N, STC 'Wave' brown N, Airzone Radio Star Y, Airzone 4A1E1 cream N, STC 'Wave' white N, Astor Mickey DL brown N.                                      



Clockwise from top left - AGE 755ME Y , Philips 100A (repaired crack) Y, PYE 178A (UK) Y   , HMV cracked case, for parts, HMV 64-52 N, HMV 62-52 Y


Top row Kriesler 11-99 all working.

Bottom row from left - Stromberg Carlson Y , GE 414 (US) U , Philips 168 portable, comes with the rare AC cord Y .



Clockwise from top left - Crusader tombstone front & back Y, Kriesler 11-20 N, Kriesler beehive U, Technico Aristocrat U.


A pair of 1935 Airzone small consoles N


Left: Tasma 175 N , Right: STC cabinet with Airzone chassis Y.


L to R - HMV N, AWA 180 Y , Stromberg Carlson 574 Y.


Test Gear L to R - Paton valve tester Y (comes with original booklet ) , Leader LSG-11 U, Levell Oscillator U.