Click on the following links to see youtube clips featuring The Colonel:
(the most recent clips are at the bottom of the page)
1. The Colonel on chromatic harmonica fronting Light Street Motors at
     Satchmos, West End (Brisbane) ca 2006,with Paul Renton gtr, George
     Ambrosio dms, Tom Matthews bs. 'Early In The Morning'  
2. Light Street Motors again, same night, picking up the pace with
    'Had My Fun'
3. Paul Renton fronting Light Street Motors with the Colonel on harp.
    This is the big production video that was gonna make us famous. Yeah,
    right. Great song though, Paul. 'Automatic'
4. Mike Frost & the Icemen, on tour in NZ 2007
    Greg Baikaloff dms, JB Lewis bs.
    This is at the Appleby Hotel, Invercargill. 'Frosty Man Blues'
5. Mike Frost & the Icemen, New Orleans Hotel, Arrowtown NZ 2008
    Steve Robin dms, JB Lewis bs. 'Everyday I Have The Blues'
6. Mark D's Big 3 at the Blue Monday Jam, Satchmo's Apr 2007
    Mojo Webb gtr, Billy Bakos dms, Tom Matthews bs
    'T Bone Shuffle'
7. Mark D's Big 3 - same gig, same night, same crew.
    Unnamed instrumental with chromatic - one of those made up
    on the spot things.
8. Mark D's Big 3 - same again, it was a good night!
    Mojo out front on Muddy's 'She's Nineteen Years Old'
9. Mark D's Big 3 - from our short run of Bluesday Tuesday jams
    at the cosy basement room Club 320. Mojo leads the band
    with a borrowed fat-body Gibson on 'Big Legs' April 2010
10. Mark D's Big 3 - same night, Club 320. Steve Robin dms
     Tom Matthews bs. The Colonel sings 'Bad Boy'
11. Mark D & Mike Frost -  Sep. 12, 2010
      Jubilee Hotel. Our first gig as a duo. Starts out a bit rough but
      then half way thru, we get some help from Bruce Anthon dms,
      and Mick Bohl bs. Thanks guys. 'Buzz Me'
 12. This one seems to have disappeared from You Tube.
13. Mark D's Big 3 - A mix of  'Mellow Down Easy' and 'Wish You Would'
      with Mojo Webb on guitar, at the Morrison Blues Jam Nov 5, 2017.
14. Mark D's Big 3 - Another clip from the Morrison Blues Jam.
      This time I'm backed by Harvey, Jez and Beck from Blues Arcadia.
15. Mark D's Big 3 - From our long-running Sunday blues Jam at the
      Morrison Hotel in Brisbane. Muddy's " I'm Ready" -
       house band plus Shaun Ballagh (sax) & Garry Lynch (Hammond C3)
Search 'Morrison Blues Jam' on YouTube for heaps of great music featuring our many fabulous guests.
16. Natural Born Lover - From Josh Cheyenne's gig at Brooklyn Standard
       21 Aug 2018. Josh asked me to sing something,
       so I did this Jimmy Reed tune. Josh is on lap steel,
       Harvey guitar, Geoff drums, Tom bass.
17. I Ain't Gonna Do It - Morningside Fats turned up early to the Morrison
         Blues Jam & caught Mark D's Big 3 easing in to their opening set with
         this Fats Domino tune.
        The Colonel vcl, hca, Mike Frost gtr, Geoff dms, Tom bs.
         Sunday 18 Nov 2018

18. Act Like You Love Me - A Jimmy Rogers tune from our opening set on the first 
       Sunday Blues Jam in our new home - Baedeker Wine Bar in Fortitude Valley.
       Lineup as per the previous video 28 Feb 2021.