Mics For Sale

Mics For Sale

As at 30th Feb 2019, the following harp mics are for sale.

If interested. contact The Colonel...

bluemark@hotmail.com     or Ph/msg 61 402 224 289    or www.facebook.com/markdoherty

No.1  Some folks like to keep it traditional and simple. This is a JT30 with original very nice grey paint. The element is a real hot Shure CM 99A86 from 1965. It has a new gasket and is wired straight to the screw connector with no volume control. Expect to pay over $300 from the US if you can find one. My price $220. Postage extra.

   No.2  This Tangerine Dream was painted in 2-pak epoxy flake with multiple clear coats. It also sports an Astatic MC-126 Ceramic element, as favoured by William Clarke and others. Output is not as strong as a full-throat CM, but it's the loudest I've ever owned. Premium price, but still less than you would pay anywhere else. $290  +Post .  (SOLD)                                     No.3 Over the decades, the quality of alloy used in JT30s varied a lot. This one was such good quality Nickel that it deserved to be stripped and polished. Multiple clear coats protect the finish. The element is a great sounding 99A86 CM from 1970. $260 plus post. (SOLD)

   No.4 This gold JT30 has a couple of tiny paint blemishes, but I couldn't be arsed stripping it and re-painting, so I put lots of clear coat on to seal the finish. Great sounding 99A86 CM element from March'76 plus volume control. Cheap as chips - $230. Post extra (SOLD)

   No.5 Here's a rare bird. It's an Aussie Philips 1101 H. It's a Hi-Z dynamic mic with a great sound. Heavier than a JT30 but also slightly smaller in circumference. Male screw-on connector fitted, so you can use the usual 332A Switchcraft adapter (not supplied). My hot-rod painter mate described the tuff 2-pak finish as 'Pagan Gold Candy on Molly Orange'. Definitely one of a kind. Only $210 plus post. (SOLD)

    No.6 A fascinating oddity. This Turner Challenger came without its usual sharkfin and base - just an egg really. It seemed a shame to drill a hole for a volume control, so it just has a connector at the back. Custom two-tone paint job in 2-pak epoxy with several coats of clear lacquer. The element is a big-sounding 99A86 CM dated Oct'73. A definite head-turner (no pun intended). $240 plus post. Bargain!    (SOLD)

   No.7 Here's a rare bird. The American C.6 is somewhat similar to an Astatic 'Biscuit' only better! Really solid, and fitted with a very strong 99A86 CM element from Feb 1968. Where will you find another one? $270 plus post. Call me!